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Learn how Face Recognition and Human Analytics are transforming digital asset management.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) is quickly becoming a must have as the way to manage a company’s arsenal of digital content. When DAM systems are maintaining, categorizing, and applying assets automatically and correctly, the amount of time and money saved is tangible — and businesses are totally on board — positioning the DAM industry to grow from 2.44 billion in 2017 to 5.66 billion in 2022. [1]

With the media and entertainment segment expected to account for the largest share of the market, implementation of Face Recognition and Human Analytics into DAM software is happening — because a DAM system’s ability to search, identify, analyze and index faces in photos and videos is, in many cases, the very foundation of its business offering.

“Today, brands have endlessly more assets — videos, audio, animations, many images, custom colors, etc… Furthermore, companies need elevated features within their DAM.” 

-  Luke Beatty, CEO, Brandfolder


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Defining digital asset management (DAM)

Digital asset management (DAM) is a business process for organizing, storing and retrieving rich media and managing digital rights and permissions. Rich media assets include photos, music, videos, animations, podcasts, and other multimedia content. [2]

Simply defined, a DAM is a set of database records. Each database record contains metadata explaining the name of the file and its taxonomy (format and information about its content and usage). When a company has an enormous library of digital assets, finding a specific image for a new web project, targeted marketing campaign, or any number of crucial business needs — can be a time consuming, costly challenge.

DAM platforms give companies a comprehensive and scalable way to manage digital assets in an easy-to-access place with speed and efficiency.


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Photo tagging, with face recognition: Increase discoverability - drive ROI


Evolution, Transformation, and DAM

What began as enterprise content management (ECM) systems for organizing text documents, email, and spreadsheets, has evolved into an expanded version of itself, capable of managing rich media for the global entertainment and digital media market.

Consumer appetite for on-demand media and personalized content has pushed this 2 billion dollar industry to rethink best practices and look to new technology for solutions.

To this end, organizing the tremendous volume of assets now essential to their business models is a major challenge, and absolutely requires the dedicated and advanced solutions only DAM provides.

Yet, even for the most efficient DAM systems — the more content collected, the harder to manage. Companies like cloud content management powerhouse Box, who manage 30 billion files for 74k business including nearly 60% of the Fortune 500 — see this problem, and raise a solution in Artificial Intelligence. [3]

By partnering with Google to bring image recognition technology to their offering, Box is leading the DAM industry in harnessing the power of machine learning and computer vision to add efficiency, accuracy, and advantage.

“The only way we are going to be able to make sense of all this data and be able to extract more and more value from it is through machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

-  Aaron Levie, Box CEO


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Challenges of Digital Asset Management solved with Face Recognition and Human Analytics

Many companies are still relying on employees to manually tag images — which is time-consuming, plagued with the potential for errors and often inconsistent.

The solution? Auto Tagging.

Face Recognition searches, compares, recognizes, and tags people in photos and video, in seconds. Once assets are located, Human Analytics enables you to determine which ones are right for your marketing campaign or customer needs by identifying human identity, emotion, and demographics in photos and video.

You can rapidly access photo/video content expressing specific emotion, then determine which of those assets are most agreeable or objectionable to users, and so much more. These features, when added to DAM systems, can provide actionable solutions to challenges like:

Image Moderation

Particularly important for photo sharing sites, public forums, and content platforms for children, identifying images which contain inappropriate content before they reach customers, is imperative. With Face Recognition, content identified as questionable or inappropriate when added to the database is tagged and flagged — making it possible to categorize these assets and create customized filters.

Image Analysis

Determining which assets will work best for your intended purpose can be challenging. Should the woman in the ad be smiling? Laughing? What will resonate with consumers? With Human Analytics you can add context to images, gaining valuable insights into how assets impact engagement — creating a simpler, more precise decision making process.

User Profiling

Visibility into the demographics and behavior patterns of end users is the key to understanding your business. Are more users searching celebrities? Or politicians? Tracking user patterns based on the categorization and tags returned from specific images provides these critical insights.

Digital Rights and Permissions

The proliferation of shared digital content has pushed what used to be clear lines around copyright laws for intellectual property, into a vast, blurred space. Preventing copyright infringement has evolved into an entirely new challenge because of how easy it is to create content using videos and images sourced from Internet searches. Face Recognition and Human Analytics integration lend a valuable line of defense to Digital Rights Management (DRM) by enabling you to upload and scan videos and images to be compared against a database of submitted files — alerting you of someone else’s use of your asset(s), or informing you that a video/image is not ok to use without permission.

“Kairos has established itself as a leading AI engine provider in the facial recognition space, continuing to add new capabilities and features over time.” 

-  Tyler Schulze, VP Strategy & Development, Veritone


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Kairos elevates Digital Asset Management

Through computer vision and machine learning we detect, identify, and verify faces in videos, photos, and the real-world (Face Recognition), and gauge emotion and sentiment, determining human age, gender and even ethnicity (Human Analytics).

Our platform enables DAM systems to add value and increase revenue through smarter data reporting and improved customer experience. Kairos has been adding the advantage of our uncomplicated Human Analytics and Face Recognition integration to businesses since 2012 — enabling our users to test, design, build and deploy their Face Recognition and Human Analytics projects — scaling as they grow.


Veritone chose Kairos Face Recognition to identify and isolate individuals from the thousands of images searched in their database.


Businesses. Trust. Kairos.

Our DAM customers [4] count on our technology and reliability to provide advanced solutions to their users. Photo management enterprises like Campminder and Vidigami provide sophisticated DAM systems for the camp and education markets, and require the integration of our Face Recognition into their platforms to meet client expectations.

Similarly, Veritone, a premier provider of artificial intelligence analytics and cognitive solutions, utilize our Human Analytics and Face Recognition to provide insights to their customers in politics, sports and retail.

As the media and entertainment industries continue to look to digital asset management for automated organization solutions, Face Recognition and Human Analytics graduate from DAM enhancements — to DAM essentials. And Kairos is the innovative provider delivering.

For more information about integrating with Kairos, visit our website.

Alternatively, if you have questions or need assistance, just send us a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.— we’d love to help you bring the innovation of face recognition to your company.


Co-authored with Vanessa Misoon, Content Strategist, Kairos.


[1] Digital Asset Management (DAM) Market worth 5.66 Billion USD by 2022
[2] Definition: Digital Asset Management (DAM)
[3] AI will fundamentally change how we manage content
[4] Manage your image and video content with face recognition


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