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Get Organized

In most segments of the tourism industry, professional photography is an important revenue generator. With hundreds-of-thousands of pictures taken each day, organizing photos becomes time consuming and costly. Kairos’ face analysis technology can automatically sort and group photos.


Never Lose a Photo Again

Once a photograph enters a Kairos powered image gallery, it can be compared to all the other images for a match. Guests no longer need to look through a wall of printed photographs just to find themselves. Instead, they can walk up to a digital kiosk and scan their face to view all their photos. With automatic tagging, photographs are never lost. A printed photo that may have gone unnoticed on a wall of thousands is never lost when it is tagged with a guest’s face. Less time spent looking for photos means more time looking at photos.


Make Your Business Smarter

Sorting and finding photos with face recognition eliminates the need to print every shot. Photographers only print what the customer decides to buy and cut down on the material costs. Kairos also makes it easier to create bundled products. Finding photos of individual members for a family album is no longer an issue when they're all a tag away. By integrating Kairos to your existing workflow, you can make your businesses smarter. Kairos takes care of the boring part so you can focus on capturing the memories.

What Makes Kairos Different?

Re-invent how your business interacts with the world

Save time

Delight customers in amazing new ways

Free yourself from material waste

  Automatically sort photographs

  Find customers' pictures in seconds

  Sell more photographs

  Create bundled products more easily

  Eliminate material waste

  Make your business smarter

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